About Us

JUXT was formed in 2012 after the founders - Malcolm Sparks and Jon Pither - became inspired by Rich Hickey’s vision of 'simple made easy'. Both Malcolm and Jon have been Agile consultants, and had both come to the position of leading teams inside of two different Tier-One investment banks. They had become exasperated by the level of the waste in the software industry, where large teams servicing huge code-bases riddled with accidental complexity had become the norm.

They both tried and introduced Clojure and saw the benefits of using a simpler approach to build sophisticated software. They formed a professional services offering with the want to take the lessons they had learnt out to the wider industry.

Since inception, we have delivered high profile projects such as a new UK property portal OnTheMarket.com, and we have rewritten the world’s busiest newspaper website successfully. We bootstrapped a public electric bikes scheme, and we have also deployed a PCI DSS compliant portal to handle sensitive personal data.

Recently we have revisited the financial domain, building a bitemporal data-store for querability across large data-sets and we have built a suite of trading dashboards to stream and aggregate data.

The mission of JUXT is to deliver to our clients the benefits of using a modern and simple technology stack, and to give back to the software development community, in the way of building and sponsoring open source libraries, sponsoring and talking at conferences, and writing up our insights on our blog.

We are focused on learning and refining our approach to building software. In particular we look to use our preferred stack of technologies for each project that we take on, meaning that our clients see the benefits of reuse and our increasing speed of delivering using familiar tools and libraries. We have confidence that our stack has been proven to scale, has been penetration tested, and is submitted to regular audit review.

We have a software development center in Milton Keynes, UK, where we build software for our UK-based and international clients. We also have consultants working on-site at client locations across Europe. We have a growing number of fantastic developers in JUXT and we have a large network of Clojure developers across the world to trade ideas with.

Our formula is simple: to marry the best people we can find with the best set of technologies. If you’d like to talk with us, either to join us as a software developer or to see if we can help your projects, then please drop us an email to info@juxt.pro to say hello.

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