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Working at JUXT

Published 2018-10-12 by Johanna Antonelli

GT18 - Internal Conference

Published 2018-07-26 by Jon Pither

The point of software consultancies

Published 2018-07-25 by Jon Pither

JUXT Moves to a new Office

Published 2018-07-17 by Graham Clark

Through the looking graph

Published 2018-03-02 by Oliver Hine

Overview of the nREPL

Published 2018-02-20 by Dominic Monroe

Parsing text with clojure.spec

Published 2018-01-17 by Malcolm Sparks

Why have a stack?

Published 2018-01-15 by Jon Pither

JUXT are hiring in Milton Keynes & London

Published 2018-01-04 by Malcolm Sparks

2017 in review

Published 2018-01-02 by Jon Pither

Deep Learning Conference

Published 2017-10-16 by Rickesh Bedia

Clojure In the UK: Yapster

Published 2017-08-29

JUXT are hiring in Toronto

Published 2017-08-27 by Malcolm Sparks

Writing a Neural Network

Published 2017-08-11 by Rickesh Bedia

Rewriting the MailOnline

Published 2017-07-31

Delivering our full stack training course

Published 2017-07-27 by Jon Pither

The Clojure Job Market

Published 2017-06-29 by Jon Pither

The monoliths and the scholars

Published 2017-06-06 by Jon Pither

Speak friend and enter!

Published 2017-06-02 by Malcolm Sparks

Mathematics of Neural Networks

Published 2017-05-31 by Rickesh Bedia

XT16 - Looking beyond Clojure

Published 2017-04-26 by Jon Pither

Machine Learning With Clojure

Published 2017-04-25 by Rickesh Bedia

Writing ClojureScript native apps is easy

Published 2017-04-20 by Frankie Sardo

Deep Learning (DL)

Published 2017-04-19 by Rickesh Bedia

Machine Learning (ML)

Published 2017-04-15 by Rickesh Bedia

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Published 2017-04-12 by Rickesh Bedia

Of Routes and Resources

Published 2017-03-20 by Malcolm Sparks

XT16 - Tommy Hall

Published 2017-03-08 by Malcolm Sparks


Published 2017-02-28 by Malcolm Sparks

XT16 - Sam Aaron: Communicative Programming

Published 2017-02-22 by Jon Pither

XT16 - Frankie Sardo

Published 2017-02-09 by Malcolm Sparks

Provisioning Datomic using Packer and Terraform

Published 2017-02-06 by Jon Pither

'Live' programming, server-side

Published 2017-01-27 by Malcolm Sparks

XT16 - Portia Tung

Published 2017-01-13 by Malcolm Sparks

Evolving user interfaces

Published 2017-01-10 by Oliver Hine

Announcing our UK training Clojure courses

Published 2017-01-06 by Jon Pither

XT16 Hakan Raberg: The Search for Simplicity

Published 2017-01-04 by Jon Pither

XT16 - Karsten Schmidt

Published 2016-12-22 by Malcolm Sparks

XT16 James Lewis: From the Bazaar to the Bizarre

Published 2016-12-14 by Jon Pither

Clojure and Vim: An overview

Published 2016-12-13 by Dominic Monroe

XT16 videos coming soon

Published 2016-12-09 by Jon Pither

Clojure in Berlin: Zalando

Published 2016-11-30

Clojure in Athens: Skroutz

Published 2016-11-18

Logging: change your mind

Published 2016-11-16 by Frankie Sardo

Clojure in Belfast: Puppet

Published 2016-11-11

Advanced Martian

Published 2016-11-08 by Oliver Hine


Published 2016-10-31 by Jon Pither

Reflecting on XT16

Published 2016-10-14 by Jon Pither

Clojure in London: IG

Published 2016-10-13


Published 2016-09-29 by Oliver Hine

Clojure in Europe: Akvo

Published 2016-09-27

XT16: Two weeks to go!

Published 2016-09-23 by Jon Pither

Announcing our Clojure In series

Published 2016-09-22 by Jon Pither

Clojure in London: uSwitch

Published 2016-09-22

ClojuTRE Report - 2016

Published 2016-09-14 by Malcolm Sparks

Explore UI states with clojure.spec and devcards

Published 2016-09-07 by Frankie Sardo

XT16: The Programme

Published 2016-08-26 by Jon Pither

Parsing routes with clojure spec

Published 2016-07-27 by Frankie Sardo

Meet up with Karsten Schmidt

Published 2016-07-21 by Malcolm Sparks


Published 2016-07-05 by Malcolm Sparks

Concerns with Ring

Published 2016-06-22 by Malcolm Sparks

The 10-year-old test

Published 2016-06-21 by Malcolm Sparks

Technology and Fun, XT16

Published 2016-06-15 by Jon Pither

Introducing yada

Published 2016-06-06 by Malcolm Sparks

Beating bugs with brute force

Published 2016-05-24 by David Smith

Announcing a unique event: XT16

Published 2016-05-10 by Jon Pither

Configuration: Make it obvious!

Published 2016-05-03 by Malcolm Sparks

Idiomatic integration

Published 2016-04-25 by Oliver Hine

Introducing pedestal-api

Published 2016-03-12 by Oliver Hine

After the Honeymoon

Published 2016-03-09 by Jon Pither

How to build an Om Next Remote

Published 2016-02-10 by Malcolm Sparks

Data at the Gates

Published 2016-02-01 by Jon Pither

Thoughts on Clojure Training

Published 2016-01-22 by Jon Pither

Getting Leiningen feature-parity in Boot

Published 2016-01-19 by David Humphreys

Clojure Technical Radar

Published 2016-01-13 by Jon Pither

Data Macros

Published 2016-01-05 by Malcolm Sparks

Rule-Driven Webserver Middleware

Published 2015-12-08 by Oliver Hine

Clojure and the Curve

Published 2015-11-10 by Jon Pither

Clojure and Electric Bikes

Published 2015-10-29 by Jon Pither

From data to dashboards

Published 2015-10-27

JUXT and Better Cities

Published 2015-10-26

JUXT and OpenSensors

Published 2015-10-22

Datalog for trees in Clojure

Published 2015-10-20 by Stathis Sideris

Upcoming talks at Skills Matter

Published 2015-10-08 by Malcolm Sparks

javadoc from the repl

Published 2015-10-06 by Malcolm Sparks


Published 2015-09-23 by Malcolm Sparks

ClojuTre Report

Published 2015-09-18 by Jon Pither

Securing your clojurescript app

Published 2015-07-09 by Frankie Sardo

Why ClojureScript Matters

Published 2015-06-29 by Jon Pither

Component, meet Schema

Published 2015-06-25 by Malcolm Sparks

Is Typed Clojure worth the trouble?

Published 2015-06-22 by Martin Trojer

Combining Clojure macros: cond-> and as->

Published 2015-06-10 by Oliver Hine

Processing documents with transducers

Published 2015-06-02 by Malcolm Sparks

AWS Beanstalk, Docker and Clojure

Published 2015-05-26 by Jon Pither

Selling Clojure to the Business

Published 2015-03-30 by Jon Pither and JUXT

Published 2015-03-25

Clojure and the MailOnline

Published 2015-03-25 by Jon Pither


Published 2015-03-24